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Heilala Vanilla Alcohol Free products come from the source, undergoing a highly-scientific yet natural process (cold-pressed, slow extract), where our dedicated local Tongan growers and pickers hand select only the most premium vanilla beans, which then undergo our unique, patented Heilala Vanilla three month cold extraction using glycerin in place of alcohol process to ensure that vanilla’s 200+ flavour compounds are purely extracted.

This superior process draws out and maintains the most delicate of aromatics, giving you that smooth, buttery, bourbon like flavour that Heilala Vanilla is world renowned for.

Alcohol Free Vanilla with seeds can be used in place of traditional vanilla extract and paste. It is ideal in cupcakes, cookies, and chilled desserts.

Breakfast Vanilla is a fresh new way to elevate your morning meal. Add a teaspoon to oatmeal, granola, smoothies and waffle batter. 

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Heilala Alcohol Free Pure Vanilla with Seeds 

Glycerin infused with Vanilla Bean Extractives, Water, Vanilla Bean Seeds


Heilala Breakfast Vanilla

Glycerin infused with Vanilla Bean Extractives, Water, Vanilla Bean Seeds. 


Heilala Vanilla Alcohol Free Pure Vanilla

Heilala Alcohol Free Vanilla is straight from the source, applauded by bakers for its smooth, sweet, bourbon like flavour, perfect for your muffins, slices, pies and tarts.