The thriller in Vanilla – this syrup is a welcome hijack  to desserts, cocktails and breakfasts!

Heilala Vanilla Syrup is the perfect balance between the sweetness of syrup and the delicate flavour of pure vanilla.

Using 100% Pure Heilala Vanilla Extract as its foundation, the addition of a whole vanilla pod ensures the natural vanilla flavor continues to develop and the pod can be used once the syrup is finished.

The addition of natural sugar creates a thicker, treacle-like liquid that is perfect for those times where you want to add a 'flavour hijack' to a simple dish without having to spend hours in the kitchen.

100% pure Heilala Vanilla Syrup is the perfect sweetener to use instead of maple syrup or honey.

Drizzle Heilala Vanilla Syrup through yoghurt, pour over ice cream, waffles, pancakes, crepes, french toast, oatmeal and fresh fruit. Add a dash to cocktails, smoothies, milkshakes, tea and coffee. 

Available in a 250ml bottle.

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