These rather delicious snippets of Heilala Vanilla in the media make our day!

Whether it’s in the newspaper, on television or in a foodie magazine, we always get a tad excited seeing our name mentioned so we thought we’d share these moments with you. We’ve got some exciting things in the pipeline too so be sure to keep an ear and eye out so you don’t miss out on the action.

 Unlimited Magazine - The Spice of Life

Matt Philp chats to Jennifer Boggiss about how her family story which has helped to revive Tongan plantation land and creat a world class food business.



NZ Herald - 3 ways with Vanilla Syrup

Pancake parlour -Dolly up your everyday pancakes or waffles with a slurp of Heilala vanilla syrup Mousse-keteer -Warm 200ml cream with 80g sugar, add gelatine leaves and, when cool, pour over 300ml fromage frais. Add 300ml soft whipped cream, 80ml Heilala Vanilla Syrup and let it set in the fridge. Pipe it with fruit or rich chocolate cake, layer it in sundae dishes or eat from the bowl!
Cocktail hour- Peter Gordon can't be wrong: fill a glass with ice, add 220ml Heilala vanilla syrup to 350ml Stolen golden rum, top with 90ml of fresh lime juice.  


New Zealand Herald - Vanilla firm calls in pros to drive exports

The company has signed an investment deal which will see the New Zealand Venture Investment Fund and Tauranga-based consortium Enterprise Angels BOP take a 45 per cent stake for an undisclosed sum.


New Zealand Womens Weekly - Islands in the sun

Mary Lambie visits Vava'u on a recent trip to Tonga and discovers there is lots to do when visiting the Kingdom of Tonga including "... the Heilala Vanilla plantation where you can take guided tours and see the growing and harvesting of the famous vanilla bean."


FMCG – Labour of Love, an enchanting story about vanilla

FMCG chats with Jennifer Boggiss about the journey that has taken place with Heilala Vanilla and the future plans for the company including their commitment to obtaining organic certifaction of the plantation in Tonga.


Sunday Mail Brisbane - Unique Style

Q'Essence's new chef can conjure up amazing flavours with the most
basic ingredients, as Wendy Hall, a carrot critic, discovers

Damien Styles, one of our fabulous Heilala supoorters hints of his passion for native and sustainable foods through the Q'Essence menu (which include Heilala vanilla in his rice pudding). "For me it's about the food on the plate,
making sure it's the best quality I can get and treating it with respect," Styles says.

   Hospitality (NZ) – BAck in the sweet

The last course of the meal is still hugely important but as Natasha McGill finds out, it's back to the future for desserts. The rise in flavours that reflect our unique South Pacific position are welcome. The use of Heilala Vanilla, coconut, tropical fruits like pineapple and lychee, with ginger, rhubarb and clove to tie them together shows desserts are increasingly well constructed and complex layers complement and finish a meal well.


Cuisine Magazine – Hilton Queesntown, Wakatipu Grill Review

Desserts were expected to be a highlight as Peter Thornley's talented long-time pastry chef (and Heilala Vanilla Supporter) Brian Campbell is now based here. The pear and almond financier didn't dissapoint - topped with pear, it was served with a creamy Heilala Vanilla ice cream and nestled in a pool of 'milk jam' - a glossy slightly bitter caramel, which transformed the good dish into something sublime!


Cuisine Magazine – Heilala Vanilla Paste

We knew our paste was pretty fabulous but it’s a sweet victory to have a win at the Cuisine Artisan Awards!

Heilala Vanilla is a superstar standout in the vanilla world, with the Heilala Vanilla Paste bestowed the overall runner up award at the coveted Cuisine 2011 Artisan Awards. Our vanilla paste has such versatility and is one of the most popular products in our range and it’s a thrill to have such an esteemed panel honour our hard work.


Dish Magazine – Plantation to Plate

The perfect foodie getaway to our vanilla plantation with Peter Gordon cooking!

A group of 20 foodies up in the Vava'u Islands, Kingdom of Tonga, for our annual harvest and mouth-watering South Pacific Cuisine. The “Up Close and Personal” tour offers keen foodies a chance to travel to the source of Heilala Vanilla, learn more about its origins and enjoy spectacular food created by Peter and Natasha using vanilla and the best of Tonga’s local produce.


Thriller in Vanilla

Vanilla addicts Jennifer and Garth Boggiss showcase their sun-kissed, hand-picked and carefully nurtured vanilla. This tasting event tells the wonderful story of their vanilla, while senses were exhilarated as vanilla-imbued inspirations are showcased by some of Australia's most exciting chefs and super-clever drink masters.


North and South - One Out of the Pod

What does a tropical plantation in Tonga have in common with a bathroom in Tauranga? Heat, the heady scent of vanilla and a thriving family business.

A trans-Pacific partnership is harvesting success for New Zealand's first commercial vanilla growers. Heilala Vanilla Reunion Food Company harvested and cured its first crop of 600 New Zealand-grown vanilla pods –the first commercial yield outside the tropics.

Dish Magazine - Volcanic Vanilla

The Tongan plantation has already come to fruition and caused something of a stir among New Zealand gourmands.

A fascinating insight into why and how we are growing Vanilla in New Zealand in our geothermal heated tropical house in Tauranga.