From our pot of gold come the words from chefs who spread their Heilala love.

These chefs whip up magnificent dishes and often even share these recipes and they have some great things to say about Heilala Vanilla. These staunch supporters who are often blown away when introduced to 100% Pure range really do appreciate the "plantation to pantry" story and the consistent quality we can provide them.

“Upon opening Heilala Vanilla I have a sense of well being, of taking this passionately produced food of the gods and in turn inspiring those cooks around me to treat it with respect and integrity”

- Consultant Chef, Food By Paul Jobin 

"I love the consistent first rate quality of Heilala Vanilla. The best part is that they have a genuine and beautiful story behind their product, a true partnership with the village of Utungake in Vava’u Tonga. My visit there last year to the Heilala Plantation was a very memorable experience, one that I’ll always treasure".

- Peter Gordon, father of fusion cuisine, Sugar Club, The Providores and Tapa Room, Kopapa

“Heilala Vanilla caught my senses straight away - the rich and rounded aroma is “vanilla delirium”- a wonderful hit that’s addictive and soothing at the same time; the flavour profile is testimony to that. We use Heilala Vanilla paste in double fold for our pastry, biscuits and cakes. The vanilla presence is subtle when necessary, or, can be ramped up for a real burst of vanilla genius.”

- Tony Dench, master baker, Dench Bakers, Melbourne

“We use it in everything!” The flavour is impressive, but nothing beats the moment we open the tub every morning. We love the smell of it and wish we could spread it on our toast!”- Bernard Chu, Macaron master and pastry chef, Luxbite, Melbourne

“I use it for our bestseller, creams and mousses. It is all-natural, which is important for me. I can taste all the pods.”
- Pierrick Boyer, owner, Le Petit Gateau, Melbourne

"I love the Vanilla pods, as they are plump and packed full of seeds and have a unique Vanilla flavour. We also love supporting New Zealand purveyors and excited to help in any way.
I write on my blog about you and get heaps of interest from the states."

- Brian Campbell

Dancing Chef
The beguiling bouquet is something US pastry chef Natasha MacAller believes is particular to this plantation’s vanilla. “It’s one of the defining qualities of Heilala vanilla,” she says, “it is fragrant yet not too flowery.”
Natasha MacAller, International Culinary Consultant
"It isn't often that I get to use a product that I feel really good about. Heilala vanilla is grown and harvested with great care, and that definitely shows in the quality of what they produce; their vanilla beans, paste, extract and powder have a sweet, spicy, floral intensity that is truly unique.  Their story resonates as deeply as the aroma of their beans - a family business, started literally from the ground up, employing the skills and changing the lives of the local population in Tonga.  How many pastry chefs get to say that about that about their vanilla beans?  I'm proud to use Heilala Vanilla and I am proud to support their efforts to bring Tonga's vanilla crop to the world."
Gina DePalma, Excecutive Pastry Chef, Babbo Restaurant and Enoteca, New York City