We’re delighted to be associated with such well-regarded and prestigious awards!

We’ve been lucky enough to have been nominated for some pretty special awards lately and have gone on to do really well in them which is  testament to our beautiful vanilla as well as the research and development  and all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure quality and consistency is achieved.

Heilala Vanilla  took part at the SIAL in Paris (the world’s largest food industry trade show with 6,000 suppliers and 150,000 visitors from over 200 countries) for the first time in October 2014 as part of the Pacific Trade Stand representing Tonga. The highlight of SIAL was being named a finalist in the SIAL Innovation awards for our Vanilla Paste and Vanilla Syrup in three categories. These awards are a recognition of product creativity and innovation and were selected amongst thousands of competitor products by a committee of independent experts based on their innovation in the global food marketplace with recipe composition, flavour and application noted by the judges.


Multi Award-winning, Tauranga based vanilla company Heilala Vanilla received two top awards at the 2011 New Zealand Food Awards.

Heilala Vanilla received the ‘Food Export’ and the ‘KPMG Best Food Enterprise Innovation’ awards following on from their recent success in the US market. There were over 40 finalists in these Category's. 2011 has seen the success of Heilala Vanilla Syrup into prestigious US food retail chain, Williams-Sonoma. Judging panel member Ben ven Delden of KPMG said Heilala Vanilla Syrup is an excellent addition to the company’s vanilla pod products. “This shows that a truly outstanding product and the right positioning of it can enable New Zealand companies to generate a profit from one of the most labour-intensive crops in the world, all the while investing in research and development”.


Supreme Runner up Cuisine Artisan Awards 2011
For the 2nd time Heilala Vanilla Paste has received a standout award in the 2011 Cuisine Artisan Awards. Two awards in two months really does make it the superstar in the vanilla –world. “Simply the best,” was the judge’s remark regarding our pure and intense vanilla paste. It was a real privilege for us to be given special recognition as one of the country’s twelve top artisans.



“Gourmet Award” NZ Food Awards 2010
Heilala Vanilla Paste received the coveted Gourmet Awards at the NZ Food Awards. The judging panel commented that ‘the potential for this gourmet ingredient in bakery applications, desserts and other dishes is due to its rich delicate but intense vanilla flavour.’ Along with being a the winner of the ‘Gourmet Award’ we were also finalist in three other categories - a proud achievement for team Heilala.